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Drop Party Rescheduling

It has come to my attention that the current time for the drop party is not convenient for most players. I have posted a poll with this thread. Please vote on this poll so I can reschedule the drop party.
Server Update

Hi! The server is growing! Today we maxed out the server. We filled every slot! To meet the increasing demand we are increasing the slots on the server and upgrading the back end. If you experience any lag in the next 48 hours, it is because we are creating new systems to reduce lag to zero.


Anyways, we also reached our donation goal. This means we will be having a HUGE drop party! This drop party will occur on 9/1/2017 @ 2 PM Central Standard Time. Hope to see you there!

Hello! We have recently opened staff applications. We are looking for people to help us enforce the rules on the server! You can fill out an application [here]. Before posting please read the requirements and the template. We plan on bringing on enough staff to have 1-2 people on at all times. We are only looking for people that are mature and have past experience. If you get rejected, please do not whine and complain. We are only looking for the best. Also, do not bring up your staff application in game to any staff member. They cannot and will not accept your staff application. I hope to see your staff applications and good luck to all!

Thanks for reading,