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October Monthly Drop Party

Hi, everybody! We have met our donation goal for September!

We will be having our monthly drop party on Saturday, October 7th at 4:00 PM (EST), so mark your calendars and spread the word! You can view the countdown here.

Hope to see y'all there! :p
Server Update

Hi, everyone! We have added a bunch of new things to the server the past couple weeks! A few updates include a new "Enchant Ticket" enchant, new donator perks, new staff, a brand new auction shop, and more!

Auction House:

Due to popular demand, we have decided to add Auction House! You can now put your own items up for sale, at whatever price you would like by using /ah.



Mob Spawners have been in /tk for a couple of weeks now, with not much use. We have decided to add a new shop that will allow you to sell mob drops! Just do /mob in-game to sell them. At the moment, you can only sell Feathers, Bones, Blaze Rods, and Leather. More drops may be added in the future.



We have added Duels to the server! Duels allow you to PvP without worries of losing your own gear, but still allow you to show off your awesome PvP skills! You can start a duel by doing /duel {player}.

Registering Rewards:

If you aren't already registered here on the website, you can now do /register in-game to register. Once you register, you'll receive 32 Mythical Keys and 5,000 Tokens!

If you are already registered on the website, you will not receive a bonus.

New Donator Perks:

You can now have a rank that displays your donator rank in the Discord and on the Website! If you haven't already joined the Discord, click here. To claim your Donator Rank on the website and discord, please make a forum post following the template here.

Efficiency Enchant
Server Maintenance
Hello everyone! I am making this post to notify you guys about some routine server maintenance that will be occurring later tonight. The server will be closed at 12 AM (Central Standard Time). We expect this maintenance to last around 30 minutes to an hour. Sorry about the inconvenience, but this will make your JustMines experience much better in the future.

Thanks for reading,